Designing an interior is guiding and directing change.
A considered and respectful reflection of lifestyle, attitude, vision and values. An exercise in which beauty and functionality are not in conflict and organically create atmosphere. A bespoke space where quality and individuality coalesce and are everywhere felt.

Designing a space means sharing a creative experience.
Embarking on a close collaboration in a process of transformation. Engaging to define and build a common project.

AP APARTMENT - Georg Kayser Studio
Georg Kayser not only has great taste, a clear sense of style, enormous creativity, and technical expertise. Through his empathy and customer focus, he truly optimises the space we live and work in.
He listens and understands the needs of his clients, getting a sense for how we use our space.
He is able to work with varying budget levels and always completes projects on time and within the given budget.

— Barbara Greutter, Global HR Business Leader | 2020 client

Georg Kayser is very creative but also highly practical.  He is organised, professional, friendly, and approachable. The project was on time, on budget and exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and enjoyment. We now live in a beautiful apartment.

— Paul Tyler, Entrepreneur. Fin Tech Business Consultant | 2016 client

Working together with Georg Kayser on several projects in Barcelona, Madrid and throughout Spain, was always a successful professional collaboration, and  a positive human experience.

— Manuela Metz, Interior Designer & Team Leader for German Luxury Fashion Brand |  2016 client