The clients of this loft are also the owners of one of the first stores dedicated to modern furniture classics, that opened in Barcelona. So their vice for design pieces drove them to purchase this extensive loft space, and turn it into a playground for their passion. 

Important to them was to work with the existing industrial, functional style and details of this typical industrial building from the 70´s. But first we took out all the existing partitions and stripped off the structure from any plaster to expose the rough concrete. We then divided the vast space into three functional zones: the entry zone, which is mainly used for storing things and contains a second bathroom. The central part is a versatile space, to exhibit the owners´many furniture pieces and other sculptures or objects. The third zone has been elevated to be on the same level as the large terrace. A wooden structure was erected and cladded with lacquered MDF panels as flooring. This is the main living platform inside the loft. It contains everything for daily living: bathroom and kitchen, dining and living area, and the corner with the bed. The client´s wish was to have everything open and undefined to give room for playing with its distribution. The bathroom is housed inside a block near the kitchen, with a huge window that allows looking into the living room, and bringing in light into the shower space. This is quite a brave request by the owners, giving emphasize to this relaxed and alternative atmosphere that truly expresses the spirit of living inside a loft.