GK Apartment

Gran de Gràcia (Barcelona)

GRACIA 18 copia.jpg

GK Apartment, is a flat located in Gracía neighborhood (Barcelona), belongs to a 1920 building. The apartment has 200 m2 and the reformation was very punctual, tried to touch as little as possible the original elements. We left the beautiful mosaic tiled floor, the beautiful doors, and molded ceilings and walls. However we updated the kitchen and bathroom, looking for neutral pieces or from the same period. As for the kitchen, we conserved the existing terrazzo floor coordinating it with Parisian subway tiles and incorporated an old marble sink. In the bathroom, we left the old blue tiles and bought an antique bathtub, to add to the existing pedestal sink. All the walls of the house are in white except three rooms: for the living room, flooded with light, we chose a brown-beige "that varies its shade according to the time of day" and, for the bedroom, a kakish green. The hallway is painted in a light blue, taking reference in the floor tiles. We managed to create a calm and contemporary container but with a vintage flavor. It is eclectic at the same time as harmonically, with a bohemian chic.

We concentrated on few selected pieces of furniture : pieces found on the street, others rescued from flea markets in the south of France, Nordic vintage, lots of wood and more lamps.