When I got approached by Andrew Trotter to cooperate on the design of a beachfront apartment at Nueva Marbella beach in Barcelona I immediately said “sure!”… the setting was just stunning, with a view towards the Mediterranean Sea, looking at the blue and seeing the potential of this place. But of course, the existing set up was rather sad and did not pay tribute to this outstanding location.

We decided to reorganize the apartment to achieve a clear layout, with view creating the main axes. Furthermore the master bedroom had to be restructured to give it a generous distribution, and incorporate all functions into a fluid space.

We developed a simple, natural colour and material palette, using travertine for flooring and wall coverings, mixed with structured ceramic tiles. Green marble sets the accent in bathrooms and kitchen. A screen created by tinted pine wood slats is used to emphasize the main axes in the new distribution, and serves as backdrop in living room and master bedroom.

The furniture is a selection if comfortable, slightly sculptural pieces, giving it the Brazilian touch our clients asked us to create, being Brazilian themselves.