Hugo Red has been the fashion retailer´s biggest store for it´s high end line at date. Originally being a large warehouse for groceries next to el born market, we transformed it into the brand´s retail unit. A large staircase has been introduced to connect the ground floor with the basement area. 

We wanted to maintain the roughness and ambience of a warehouse, and combine it with the city chicness of Hugo Boss. Original elements like the central columns, brick walls, and ceiling have been painted in black, and micro cement is used to maintain the roughness. 

The furniture continuous this dialogue between roughness and sophistication. Polished stainless steel, and glass is combined with rough brushed and bleached oak, and darkened mirrors reflect the interiors. A group of large custom made chandeliers resemble bananas as a reminiscence of the former trade. 

The aircon system, part of the lighting and other technical elements are housed in a recessed double wall, which towards the shop facades turns into a giant red lantern.