“What I find endlessly inspiring these days is the idea that anything is possible.”

This time I invite you to a link of an interesting interview with Julia Peyton- Jones, an English Curator and Galerist. The interview is talking about how the art scene has evolved in Uk and abroad since the 90s.

It seems that much has happened since Damien Hurst and his companions curated their own exhibition without much fund out of the then existing artistic context. It reminds me of many discussions that took place then in universities and privately held circles between my artist friends, and fellow students. There was a great discussion on how art should be presented, and many people started to open their own studios, apartments for public exhibitions, or went outside guerilla style and hung their art in public spaces. Itreally helped to get art out, together with the emerging street art movement, that started already with graffiti art in the 80s.